Highlights of 2014-2015

Work to strengthen organization's internal operations

  • New database
  • New membership forms and letters
  • Phase out membership cards
  • Refine committee structure
  • Policy for handling large gifts
  • Change corporate address to Library
  • Change meeting time to 4:30
  • NOW BACK TO 1:30
  • Reorganize filing system

Library Infrastructure

  • Purchase new carpeting on lower and main floors
  • Purchase new study carrels and tablet chairs for quiet area
  • Purchase new table dividers to create carrels on main floor

 Received first Charitable Gift Annuity


Advocate to maintain level of county funding for libraries

  • Attend County Supervisor meetings
  • Inform/mobilize Yavapai County libraries supporters on pending cuts
  • Letters to Editor, phone calls to supervisors
  • Mobilize supporters to attend meeting

City Budget issues

  • Attend Council Meetings
  • Meet with Mayor
  • Vote to support ballot initiative to raise sales tax
  • Letter in Voters Information flyer


Library Programs/Staff

  • Continue to underwrite costs of library-sponsored programs for children and adults
  • Continue to support staff by helping underwrite costs of meetings, conferences, education



The purpose of the Friends of the Library is to:

  • Generating public and governmental support for the library

  • Identifying and responding to the needs of the library

  • Accepting gifts of cash or other assets from individuals and organizations

  • Raising funds, to supplement City appropriated funds, for the operations and facilities of the library

  • Providing financial and other types of assistance to the library

For more information about the Friends of the Prescott Public Library, please contact:
Toni Johnson
Library Manager, Support Services
777.1504 or Toni.Johnson@prescott-az.gov

The Viewerie                                                              The Stacks

OUR BOARD [10/12/16]

President: William E. Arnold
Vice-President: Cathy Michener
Treasurer: Marion Johnston
Secretary: Doris Theriault

Director: Kris Holt

Director: Layne Middleton

Director: Cathy Cunningham

Director: Suan King

Director: Cynthia De George

Director: John Boegner

Director:  Jessica Buckles

There are friends of the library and then there are the Friends. The Friends were organized to help a good library become even better. Since its founding in 1968, the Friends of the Prescott Public Library have raised almost two million dollars to enhance Prescott’s Living Room.

From 2003-2006, the Friends focused on raising funds to renovate and expand the library. A Friends’ committee gathered the support of the community and raised over $1.5 million in contributions. Now the focus has returned to the ongoing book sale. Proceeds from books, magazines, movies and music priced from a dime to a couple of dollars really add up