The Friends of Prescott Public Library launched a membership drive on 12/7.  All current members will be invited to renew at a current or increased level.  Look for information.





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Room Rental [7/30/16]
The Prescott City Council has asked our Library to increase revenue by charging for the use of some of the meeting rooms.  The Bump room and the Elsea room will remain free.  To learn more go to: for details. You’ll find this page under the “How Do I?” menu on the library website, and it will be helpful to you as it offers side-by-side comparisons of the meeting room features, including fees.  

Becoming a Friend of PPL

One of the ways that you can support our library is by becoming a member of the Friends of the Library.  That membership fee will be used to provide some of services that you receive from your library.  To become a friend, go to the library and pick up a membership card at the check-out desk.  Membership is as low as $20.  Larger contributions are always appreciated. 

Repurposing Books

If you purchase new books for a book group or for personal reader, consider donating them to the Friends of the library so that others can read them or they can be sold to other friends. Tell your friends about the resale space for books, magazines, and dvd’s next to the coffee shop.

Arizona State Library Newsletter

Find out what is going on with libraries at the state level by going to: for more information.  For the latest news and information about the State Library check out their bi-monthly newsletter The Capitol Stack.


Be sure to renew your membership in Friends and make a tax deductible donation before the end of the year.

Want to contribute online click on this:

There are exciting new activities planned by the Friends of the Library: [7/30/16]

  • The board of the Friends will be taking a more active role in advocating our Library in the community.  Your board will be supporting increase in the county tax to support all of the libraries in Yavapai County.
  • The board will be taking an increased role in raising funds to support the services that Friends can provide our Library.
  • The board will be recruit more users of our library to become friends.
  • The board encourages you to donate books, CDs, DVD, and magazines to the Friends so that we can help our library.